• Provide identity documents such as a State picture ID, Passport, paycheck stubs or bank statement.
  • All Credit Scores Accepted

Our Fees:
East Village Merchant Process Service offers you the opportunity to request financing through a secure credit-based Loan platform that maintains over 20 lenders. Our fees are paid by the loan originators after the loan proceeds have been deposited into your checking account.

Our Loan Process​

  • Connect: You will submit your loan request through a secure process developed by an A+ rated BBB company designed to connect you with over 20 lenders from our network who will verify your information quickly, perform a “soft inquiry” on your credit and review your request.
  • Pre-Approved Offers: One or more lender(s) might respond with one or more “pre-approved” loan offers. You will receive an email notification directly from the lender(s) stating the rates and repayment periods.
  • Final Approval: The lender will notify you when the loan funds will be deposited into your checking account. Typically, the funds should be available within 2 to 3 business days after a final decision has been rendered.